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Keep children safe in your home!

Easy tips to keep children safe from electrical danger in the home Socket blanking plugs are not necessary The plastic plug that ‘protect’ against little fingers going into the socket pin holes. These can be fiddly for adults to remove, but it many cases, not so for curious toddlers! This has led to misplacement of the plastic plug therefore opening up the shutters on the bottom two holes. If you take a look at the… Read more »

Pop! Why do my light bulbs keep blowing?

Why Light Bulbs (lamps) Blow Frequently? This problem does not mean you have a major wiring fault. This is an issue which has been looked into for many years. If you have wiring fault in your circuit it will be picked up by fuses and MCB’s long before it gets to the bulb. Once Power is getting to the light fitting at the correct voltage the bulb (lamps) will light. There are a few reasons why bulbs… Read more »

An EICR? What is That?

Why you should consider having a home safety check (EICR) An Electrical Installation Condition Report or an EICR is a safety check conducted by an electrician to report on the state of the electrical installation in your home – think of it like a MOT for a building. For privately owned domestic properties, it’s not a statutory requirement to have an EICR, it’s just a good idea. It’s advisable that the electrical installation of your… Read more »