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Why should you use a registered Electrician?

Many of us consider the visible things in our homes to be the most important – we value our TVs, games consoles and comfy sofas, yet some of the most important and vital components that make up a home aren’t immediately visible. The wiring behind your walls is a complex lifeline and one which should only ever be tackled by a registered and fully qualified electrician. The consequences of not doing so could very well… Read more »

Do you own a fake?

The dangers of buying fake chargers from market stalls or the internet So they may be cheap but that’s usually for good reason, whether you know they are fake or not, it’s best to avoid buying fake chargers for your smartphone, iPad, Kindle, games consoles etc. Available on market stalls everywhere and all across the internet, these chargers can often be very dangerous and nowhere near a substitute for the real thing. Follow this guide,… Read more »